One of the key points in the process of entering a university iswriting an essay. Thus, many applicants have a lot of questionson how to create best common app essays in order to enter thecollege they want.

Below, you will find useful tips on how to write a winning appessay to be admitted into college.

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There are two types of app essays. They include:

  • Non-structured papers
  • Essays in the form of interviews (or answers to specificquestions).
  • In a non-structured essay, the candidate in free form providesinformation about himself – his achievements, personal qualities,interests, experience, and goals for the future.

The essays in the form of answers to questions are often writtenby candidates applying for MBA programs abroad. In this case,such a paper will consist of short essays, answers to certainquestions.

The format of non-structured motivation letters can be asfollows:

Option 1: yesterday – today – tomorrow:

  • I have the necessary experience for a successful universityeducation
  • At the moment I want to gain knowledge for furtherdevelopment
  • Your program is perfect for these purposes, because I canachieve...

Option 2: I – you – we:

  • Description of your achievements, talents, and interests
  • The chosen program fully corresponds to my ambitions
  • My potential in combination with your program will bear thefollowing fruits...

Option 3: what – why – for what purpose:

  • What exactly do I want to study?
  • Why I want to study this specialty, why is it so important tome?
  • How will the chosen program help me achieve the set goals?What do I expect to receive from it?


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First of all, take into account the requirements of a particularcollege. This is especially important for applicants to themagistracy. The fact is that some universities request not onebut two essays for different master’s programs. Some universitiesrequire sending only handwritten versions, indicating even thecolor of the ink you need to use. It is advisable to visit theofficial site of the selected university and familiarize yourselfwith the requirements they have for essays.

Follow these tips:

  • The most interesting facts should be submitted at thebeginning of the essay or at least in its first part, since noone knows whether the member of the admissions committee willwant to read the paper to the end or not.
  • Logical and consistent narrative: the character in the essaymust develop as a person in all life spheres.
  • The division of the text into small paragraphs and theabsence of long ornate expressions. Each paragraph should haveits own little story with a string, culmination, and denouement.It is also important to avoid complex participial and adverbialturns in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes and confusion withpunctuation. The text should be simple and understandable, but itis perfectly permissible to use highly specialized terms,provided that the candidate understands their meaning well.
  • An entry should start with some original quotation or factfrom life, in order to attract the attention of the reader andmake him read the whole story to the end.
  • In conclusion, it is necessary to summarize the written andthe information as well as express the hope for furthercooperation with the university. After reading the essay,admission committee representatives should have a pleasantfeeling about you. To create best common app essays, do notdescribe any negative events or criticize yourself.

why us


Statement of purpose might be the most difficult part you need towrite. Most of the applicants don’t write the statement ofpurpose correctly.

Since the length of the essay is about 300 words, most applicantsspend around 15% of the size to say nothing. The thing is thatmost of the written is boring. Imagine professors, reading 500essays that are not interesting. Would such essays attract theirattention? Will they continue reading till the end? Will theyremember this essay? Probably not.


For a successful essay, a so-called hook is needed. Everything inthe essay should be clear and straightforward. Using a hook willhelp you stand out among other applicants. When the commissionmembers start discussing the best examples, they will necessarilyremember your letter if you have used a good hook.


Each applicant has to find the hook, to understand why the choicefell on this course, what benefits the applicant can bring withhis work in the future, how this will affect him and others. Youneed to find your own truth, and then choose a memorable way ofpresenting this thought.

Equally important for the commission is your extra-curricularhobby associated with your academic activities. For example, anapplicant wants to enroll in the Faculty of Linguistics, has agood level of foreign language, and helps others studying thelanguage by organizing free courses.

Universities require essays not only to learn about the academicprogress and awards of the applicant, but also for the applicantsthemselves to really think about why they take such a seriousstep in life as entering a university and whether they need it ornot.



If you have already worked somewhere or completed an internship,this should be mentioned in your essay. Particular attentionshould be paid to details of employment that are directly relatedto the chosen specialization. The entrant should associate thework done and the experience gained with the university admissioncriteria.


Each year, members of the admissions committee have to readseveral thousand essays from the applicants, and most of them donot stand out at all: they are competently compiled and meetuniversity requirements, but lack originality.

The average size of best common app essays is 300 words, but forsome applicants, three dozen words to is enough.

It is important to make the character on paper live. It’s notworth writing simply that you worked on the production line of atelevision factory and decided to go to college one day, so asnot to live life in vain. Why not rephrase the same idea in thefollowing way: once I sealed the 112th green wire on the 112thremote from the TV and realized that this monotonous work doesnot give me opportunities to develop and realize my potential. Idecided that college would be my salvation. In both examples,there are about 25 words, but the second one clearly makes themember of the commission read the letter to the end.


Members of the commission expect from each entrant an interestingbrief story, which will be written in a lively, dynamic language.Through essay, professors want to get to know their futurestudents more closely, to find out what goals they pursue, whatthey want to achieve in life, and how they can be useful to theiruniversity and society as a whole.

It is necessary to avoid verbosity, cunning and floridity in thetext, you do not need to send an essay in the original drawings.You just need to be yourself, but try to express your thoughts alittle brighter, because gestures and facial expressions do notwork here.

Best common app essays should show that you are the followingperson:

  • Passionately interested in the direction. You can do this atthe very beginning of the essay, you just have to remember thehook.
  • Educated, which is evident from the essay itself, itsorganization, expressiveness, logic, etc.
  • Well prepared academically, which can be demonstrated throughhighly specialized terms describing your achievements.
  • Able to cope with the tasks of the university, which can beconfirmed by the experience of overcoming the problems that arosein the life course of the entrant.
  • Able to cooperate with professors and other students, thatis, sociable. This point is not too important, but it will becomean obvious plus.
  • Potentially an outstanding representative of this universitydue to future career merits, which can logically follow from theapplicant’s current success in the previous school.
  • It’s a lot of information to fit in a couple of hundred words, soit’s worth concentrating on each of the items. You do not need todescribe them in the same order as they are on the universitylist. They can be combined, moved. In general, do everything toshow yourself as an inventive person.


If there are some controversial points in the academic past ofthe applicant, you should talk about them so that you do not loseconfidence in the admissions committee. For example, in one ofthe semesters, you had only Cs. In this case, it is worth writinga short paragraph about what caused this (emotional problems,life difficulties), then demonstrate how skillfully you copedwith this, and now your average score is high enough. Correctlyexplaining such a situation, it is possible to draw an image ofthe purposeful person, capable to overcome difficulties.