Biology - Dna - Revision Article


5. almost eight. 1cell theory

a) explain that systems in multicellular organisms provide the requires of skin cells

b) identify the role of cell division in growth, restore and duplication in multicellular organisms.

a few. 8. 2the Watson-Crick type of DNA

a)explain the advantages of DNA replicating exactly Video animation DNA replication

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b)explain the advantages and drawbacks of DNA mutating

c)identify that info is transmitted as DNA on chromosomes when cellular material reproduce themselves

d)identify that genes happen to be part of GENETICS

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e) identify the role of genes and environmental factors in identifying the features of your organism.

5. 12technology

c)describe some benefits and problems of applying biotechnology a few. 3 examines the impact of applications of technology on culture and the environment 5. a few analyses how current research might affect householder's lives


a few. 8. 1cell theory

a) explain that systems in multicellular organisms serve the needs of cells

b) identify the role of cell department in development, repair and reproduction in multicellular microorganisms.

2 Which in turn process contains a role in the growth and repair of tissue in multicellular creatures?

(A) Skill

(B) Cell division

(C) Mutation

(D) Sexual reproduction2008

31 Where is GENETICS found in the cell?

(A) In the family genes

(B) Inside the nucleus

(C) In the membrane

(D) In the cytoplasm2008

12 One type of cell division in multicellular organisms results in fresh cells which have half the original number of chromosomes. In which process is this sort of division crucial? (A) Coordination

(B) Growth

(C) Restoration

(D) Reproduction2006

five. 8. 2the Watson-Crick type of DNA

twenty-eight Three experts were granted the Nobel prize pertaining to developing a type of DNA. What is the brand of one of these scientists?

(A) Darwin

(B) Mendel

(C) Wallace

(D) Watson 2006

a)explain the advantages of DNA replicating accurately

58 What specific term describes the procedure in which DNA copies on its own exactly? 2006

b)explain the advantages and disadvantages of DNA mutating

33 What happens to DNA due to a mutation?

(A) This unwinds.

(B) It divides in two.

(C) This replicates exactly.

(D) It is not identical to the original. 2008

34 Why can a mutation always be an advantage to get populations of living things? (A) It makes organisms more disease-resistant.

(B) This causes fresh structures to develop in individuals.

(C) It creates variants in the qualities of creatures. (D) That makes skin cells in an person work and divide faster. 2006

c)identify that data is transmitted as GENETICS on chromosomes when cellular material reproduce themselves

Question 63 (6 marks)

You have been asked to prepare a chat for Year 9 learners on the features and features of DNA. Outline the info you would within your speak. In your outline, identify A SINGLE diagram you would probably include and provide a reason to your choice. (It is Not essential to pull the plan. ) 2006

54 Term the thread-like structures made up of DNA which have been found in the nucleus on most cells. 2004

d)identify that genes will be part of DNA

22 The moment cells reproduce, what does the moved DNA include? (A) Chromosomes

(B) Genes

(C) Nucleii...


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