Classification of Social Procedures Essay

1 . Conjuctive/Associative Process

This refers to a group's work to maintain and practice concensus, cooperation, unification and integration in a group. These are process that often create harmony or unity in society. They are a positive type of interaction and can bring progress and stability •Cooperation

It is writing the responsibility or perhaps the act of working together in order to achieve a common goal. It comes from the Latin word " Co” means together and " Operate” means to work.

Characteristics of Cooperation

1 . It creates interpersonal cohesion and integration among the list of members of the group. 2 . It contributes to cultural stability and order

a few. It encourages consensus and compromise in numerous social, monetary and politics issues. Types of Cooperation

Informal Co-operation – This can be a spontaneous give and take relationship.

Formal Cooperation – This type models formal goals and objectives in interpersonal interaction.

Symbiotic Cooperation – It is a sort of cooperation wherever one or two users of culture live jointly harmoniously and support one other for common interest. NEED FOR COOPERATION

It creates direct marriage between specific and specific, group to group and between group and person. It provides all round advancement society and individuals. •Accommodation

It is an adjustment to conflict, past, present and incipient. It can be an modification of hostile individuals or groups. That refers to genuine act of working together between individuals or groups regardless of difference or perhaps latent hostility.


1 ) Displacement

It is just a process of stopping a issue by using a scapegoat wherein the failure of 1 person or group will be passed on to another person or group pertaining to poor functionality or non-compliance to certain norms and standards. 2 . Superordination-Subordination

Functions only when it can be impossible for starters group to stay the hostility against the better group. 3. Compromise

It truly is where...


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