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Building/Portfolio Maintenance2

Amenities Information Window6

Floor Information Window8

Wing Information9

Building/Portfolio Real estate Information10

Building/Portfolio Equipment12

Building/Portfolio Insurance13

Building/Portfolio Contact14

Unit/Site Maintenance15

Unit/Site Lookup19

Web page Copy20

Internet site Property Information22

Site – Equipment25

Site – Insurance26

Site – Contact27

Income Transactions29

Tenant Lease Account Creator (Receivables)29

Without Different Tenants34

With Alternate Tenants35

Recognition Plan Entry36

Journal Entry Processing44

Create Reputation Journal Access Action47

Change Recognition Log Entry Action47

Stub/Reverse Stub on Recognition Amount48

Building/Portfolio Maintenance

(Cards > Home Site Supervision > Building Setup > Building/Portfolio) The building/portfolio IDENTITY is used to get units/sites and then for Tenant and Ground Rents.

Building/Portfolio IDENTITY

Create or select a great ID to symbolize a building/portfolio.


Enter into a unique description to identify a particular Building/Portfolio. Building/Portfolio Type IDENTIFICATION

Enter in an existing Building/Portfolio Type ID to be associated with this enterprise. Account Division (Segment): Office 1

Enter the department quantity that signifies this stock portfolio when placing accounts. The unit/site section entered here overrides the building/portfolio section of the posting accounts given to each item when you enter transactions. Status

Enter the status for this building/portfolio (Active/Inactive/Due Diligence/Development etc . ). If the position is converted to Active, it prompts one to perform accounts substitution intended for charges linked to the leases around the building/portfolio based on the Department set up intended for the building/portfolio. Only Energetic building/portfolio is deemed occupied therefore simply active Building/Portfolio entities could be invoiced against. Acquisition Day

Enter the obtain date.

Get in touch with ID

Enter an existing contact IDENTIFICATION to be linked to this entity created inside the Contact Maintenance utility. Control keys


Backup data.

View Rent

Exhibits all leases associated with a specific Building/Portfolio without closing the window. Home Information

Unwraps the Portfolio/Building Property Data window to enable you to enter and track details and essential details regarding a particular property. This field also affects analytical studies so the more information in these domains the better the studies are. Tools

It helps to track the equipment that has been installed inside the building. Insurance

Enter into important insurance information regarding specific Building/Portfolios. To set thanks dates or perhaps reminders, make reference to the GP task.


Assign multiple contacts to get associated with a certain Building/Portfolio. Total Square Feet

Enter total square feet

Total Square Yards

Enter total square meters

Total Leasable Square Feet

Enter total leasable sq ft

Total Leasable Square Meters

Enter total leasable rectangular meters

Number of Floor surfaces

Enter number of floors

Number of Units/Sites

Screen number of units/sites

Total Garages

Enter total garages

Total Hectares

Enter total hectares available on the property

Contact Term

Enter the contact person at this treat.


Enter email address intended for contact.


Enter the contact's fax quantity.

Cellphone 1

Enter the contact number for the contact.

Phone 2

Enter an additional phone number to get the get in touch with if suitable. Buttons

Amenities Information

This kind of opens the Amenities Details window.

Floor Data

This kind of opens the Floor Information windowpane.

Wing Information

This unwraps the Facilities Information windows.

Expansion Buttons

These are generally the enlargement buttons up coming to the variety fields with this window. Simply click to open the Portfolio House History home window, described next.

Amenities Data Window...


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