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Journal of Social and Clinical Mindset, Vol. twenty three, No . one particular, 2004, pp. 104-122


Increasingly more00 studies demonstrates that exposure to slim ideal systems in the mass media has unwanted effects on youthful women's human body images, at least in the short-term. Nevertheless , this studies have (a) regularly confounded the effects of thinness and attractiveness, and (b) certainly not investigated the potential use of alternative images in advertising that do not decrease women's body esteem. This kind of study investigates the impact of three types of advertisements—featuring thin models, average-size types, or no models—on adult could body-focused anxiety, and on advertising effectiveness. Needlessly to say, exposure to slender models led to greater body-focused anxiety among women who internalize the slender ideal than exposure to average-size models or any models. But, advertisements were equally powerful, regardless of the model's size. This implies that promoters can effectively use larger, but attractive, models and maybe avoid increasing body-focused anxiousness in a huge proportion of ladies.

Levels of concern and general public debate about whether the usage of very thin models inside the media contains a detrimental effect on women are increasing. For instance , the government in britain held a body image summit in 06 2000 to discuss the need for procedures regarding such media photos, and the Medical Association determined " the media enjoy a significant role in the aetiology of consuming disorders" (BMA, 2000). Psychological research has an important role in addressing two questions which can be crucial to this debate. Is it true that presenting very slim We would like to thank each of the women who took time to take part in this study, and specifically those who assisted in recruiting women with this research. We are grateful to Viv Vignoles and two reviewers for their helpful responses on an previous version of this article. Address communication to Dr . Helga Dittmar, Social Mindset, Department of Psychology, Pevensey Building, University or college of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BNl 9QH, East Sussex, England; Email: h. e. [email protected] ac. uk. 104



models as the ideal creates better marketing? Is the thin ideal seriously detrimental to mature women? Almost no studies possess addressed feasible links between advertising efficiency and the use of thin models. However , a few research has researched the impact of thin multimedia images. ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESS

During your stay on island has been comprehensive criticism from the use of ultra-thin models in advertising, the advertising sector seems unwilling to change it is approach. The argument against using much larger models is the fact " thirmess" sells, although " fatness" does not. A spokesperson to get the company representing top rated models Naomi Campbell and Claudia Kapitan asserts that " Figures have repeatedly shown that if you keep a beautiful thin girl within the cover of a magazine you sell more replications... At the end of the day, this can be a business plus the fact is that these models offer the products" (Gillian 2000, p. 7). This success argument is often used to defend the use of thin images in advertising, nevertheless there is tiny empirical support for this view. Experimental studies demonstrate the physical appeal of a version in an ad increases consumers' positive thinking toward the product, their determination to purchase (Kahle & Homer, 1985), and actual purchase (Caballero & Solomon, 1984). Yet, the influence of any model's body size in advertising effectiveness has not been analyzed systematically. Therefore , while there can be empirical support for the proposition that advertising should certainly employ eye-catching images, do not know if this needs to utilize extremely skinny models. SLENDER MEDIA IMAGES AND THEIR IMPACT ON WOMEN In comparison to the...

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