Detailed Type of the Padma Multipurpose Link, Bangladesh  an Overview Composition

IABSE-JSCE Joint Conference on Advances in Bridge Engineering-II, August 8-10, 2010, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

ISBN: 978-984-33-1893-0

Amin, Okui, Bhuiyan (eds. )

Detailed design of the Padma Multi-purpose Bridge, Bangladesh – A summary W. T. Wheeler, Ur. J. Aves & C. J. Tolley

AECOM, Sydney, Australia

Mohammad Zaman

SMEC International, Canada

Md. L Islam

Bangladesh Bridge Expert, Government of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

SUBJECTIVE: The Padma Multipurpose Link Design Task comprises a new fixed bridging of the Padma River in Bangladesh, that may consist of a new bridge approximately 6. 15km long over the Padma River, approach viaducts, major water training performs and roughly 13. 6km of procedure roads and bridge end facilities, which includes toll plazas, service areas and office buildings. The link – the longest in South Asia – is going to connect the southwest from the country while using capital Dhaka, boosting business and the activity of goods between the country's second seaport, Mongla, and the rest of the country. This paper provides an overview with the project pieces and identifies the design development process in the initial 2005 Feasibility Examine to the current design, including the coordination of the multidisciplinary inputs, the extensive internet site investigations and survey plan, determination from the design criteria and the progress harmonised prequalification and bidding documents resulting in the tender process. The processes followed in satisfying the main safeguard compliance requirements can also be outlined.

1 INTRODUCTION 1 ) 1 Basic The three significant rivers of Bangladesh - the Padma, Brahmaputra-Jamuna as well as the Meghna -- divide the into several principal parts of north-west, north central, east and south-west regions. The Padma Water separates the south-west place from the capital city and requires time-consuming ferry crossings to major destinations. At present, transport of passengers and shipment across the water is by ferries and to a lesser extent by launches and manually-operated boats, but their services are largely inadequate in both capability and service level. The present ferry providers involve long and unpredictable waiting instances at ports that absence basic services facilities. In addition , they are prone to suspension or perhaps cancellation because of flood, haze and severe weather conditions. The proposed Padma Bridge is definitely expected to generate cross-Padma transportation more reliable and drastically reduce the travel as well as cost to cross the river. The Padma Connection is a convenient bridge created to carry four lanes of highway traffic, a single gets rail trail, a high pressure gas key and various communication facilities. The Padma Bridge is on the Asian Highway Path A-1 and Trans-Asian Train Route. If the railway will probably be effectively connected, the Padma Bridge will certainly contribute to the multimodal international transportation network intended for the Asian Region of the Indian sub-continent and substantive benefit to the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) for bi-lateral cargo movements between India and Bangladesh. Figure one particular shows the general layout of the project which comprises a brand new bridge about 6. 15km long through the Padma Riv, approach viaducts, major lake training performs and around 13. 6km of procedure roads and bridge end facilities, which include toll plazas, service areas and office buildings The key problems of the Task include: • Engineering issues such as complex river schooling works in a river susceptible to substantial total annual flooding, profound pile fundamentals in loose alluvial debris subject to extreme scour depths and structure of a significant bridge;

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Responsible managing of interpersonal and environmental impacts arising from the Job, including area acquisition and resettlement affects on affected people; and environmental impacts on local hydrology and ecosystem; and Coordination among organisations involved in the Project, such as the...


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