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Executive Summary3

Description in the Organisation4



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5. Weaknesses9

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Exec Summary

H& M is a great business in many factors. It may be Sweden's most recognised company after IKEA. All of it started having a small women clothing retail store outside of Stockholm and later turned out to be the biggest clothes retail organization that one have got yet noticed. During this report I will begin with a brief explanation of the company's interesting history and end with an overview over its moral behaviour and corporate responsibility. In the middle of the report I will also conduct a PESTEL- and SWOT analysis to show you’re able to send external and internal elements.

Description from the Organisation

Hennes & Maurtiz provides today 2, 206 shops distributed in 38 market segments. They had about 17, 1000 employees in 1998. Year 2010, 12 years later on, H& M have done to increase their staff to 87, 000 which is more than 5 fold the characters it received in 1998. In 2010 their sales landed upon roughly doze billion GBP. This claims that sales per employee landed about 138, 000 GBP. Erling Persson founded Hennes in 1947. Hennes was a ladies clothing store in Vasteras, just beyond Stockholm. This individual got the idea to start ladies clothing retail outlet during a visit to The United States of America in which he embraced a retail concept which was but unknown in Sweden. Erling expanded his women apparel store concept so it finally in 60 covered the nation of Laxa, sweden. Year late 1960s, nearly two decades after the 1st Hennes store was exposed, he purchased the men clothes and hunting store Maurtiz Widforss due to this purchase this individual could at this point reach out to the other gender and at the same time he also introduced a kids clothing series. So now he had enough people to take the expansion one stage further. He quickly changed the name to Hennes & Maurtiz in addition to the beginning of 1970s he likewise introduced two additional segments (teenagers and babies). Right up until 1982 Erling main goal was to increase the company away from Scandinavia. This individual penetrated selling markets in the uk, Switzerland and Germany. When his boy Stefan Persson took over the CEO content he continued the worldwide expansion. In 1997 the moment Stefan walked down like a CEO to take the position as Leader of the panel he had done to double the international marketplaces which H& M where operating in, 12 international market segments was now a fact. Initially the company today decided to continue its business without a family member as a CEO. A man named Fabian Mansson was now chosen to business lead the expansion-aggressive retail company to battle. During his more than a decade as CEO he was able to fight his way in to additional 23 markets. H& M was now operating in 35 markets worldwide. From USA to Ireland and Denmark to South Korea it was right now a present selling chain in nearly every Professional country that you visited. 2009 was the 12 months when it was time for Stefan's son Carl-Johan Persson for taking over the CEO seat for the multi-national company it had become. Carl-Johan brought the company to where it is today, in 37 markets.


Political| Economical

5. Tries to impose Governments to increase minimum wages where their particular suppliers can be found. * Organization issues in Israel| * Increase workforce annually * Exchange rates are important due to its many markets it functions within 5. Contributes great to the global economic prosperity by their aggressive expansion| Social| Technological

2. Inventive program * A very good sustainability and production coverage * | * Give new technology as air condition to its suppliers of cotton....


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