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This is to certify the fact that project report entitled " A Project Record On CONSUMER PREFERENCE TO GET DSC HYUNDAI MOTOR PVT LTD. CHENNAI”, submitted simply by S. ARVINDHRAJ

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I, M. H. ABOOBAKAR SIDDIQUE (35080013) hereby announce that the job " A Project Report On CUSTOMER PREFERENCE FOR DSC HYUNDAI ENGINE PVT LTD. CHENNAI " under the

oversight and direction of Dr . T. RAMACHANDRAN (Professor in SRM University or college, Kattankulathur) department of administration studies SRM, Kattankulathur may be the result of the original work done by simply me and also to the best of my expertise, a similar job has not been published to any school or any other institution.

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CHAPTER 1 a couple of 3 four Introduction Aims of Research Scope from the Study RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 4. 1) Exploration Design 4. 2) Info collection four. 3) Sampling 4. 4) Statistical Equipment 4. 5) Limitation with the Study 5 Industry Profile 12 Organization of the Account 6 7 8 being unfaithful 10 11 Data Examination and Model Findings Suggestions Conclusion Annexure Bibliography nineteen 46 forty-eight 50 52 56 SUBJECT PAGE NOT ANY 1 several 5 several 8 8 9 10 11


SL. No

1 ) 1 1 ) 2 1 ) 3 1 ) 4 1 . 5

Set of Tables

Cash flow Group Of Clients Knowledge about the positioning of the display room Visited the showroom just before Convenience of auto parking Buying decision for a several wheeler 1 ) 5. 1) Test the Chi Square for Buying decision for a 4 Wheeler

Site No

twenty 22 twenty-four 26 28 29 35 32 34 36 38 40 40 44

1 ) 6 1 ) 7 1 ) 8 1 ) 9 1 ) 10 1 ) 11 1 ) 12 1 . 13

Room of Hyundai Visited additional Hyundai showroom before visiting this display room Various other brands seriously considered before coming to this showroom

Relationship between Gasoline Efficiency and Maintenance applying Chi Sq Test Selling price list of Hyundai cars Gives expected via dealers Objectives from the retailers Customer service inside the showroom


SL. NO 1 . 1 1 ) 2 1 . 3 1 . 4 1 . 5 1 ) 6 1 . 7 1 . 8 1 ) 9 1 . 10 1 . 11


Cash flow group of buyers Knowledge about the location of the display room Visited the showroom ahead of Convenience of car parking Interior of Hyundai Frequented other Hyundai showroom ahead of coming to this kind of showroom Various other brands seriously considered before arriving at this display room Price set of Hyundai automobiles Offers predicted from traders Expectations through the dealers Customer service in the showroom

PAGE SIMPLY NO 21 23 25 twenty-seven 31 thirty-three 35 39...


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