Essay on Ilm Developing Yourself while others

Section 1: Discover how to identify creation needs

1 ) 1 Determine own learning style(s) as well as the learning style(s) of another team member

To identify the learning and development design of myself and a part of the team we both finished a Multiple Intelligence (MI) test manufactured by Howard Gardner.

After completion of test on me I have discovered i have a learning type of Logical – Mathematical, having a majority credit score of 37, closely and then Interpersonal using a score of 32, (see Appendix 1).

Those who are strong in logical-mathematical intellect are good by reasoning, recognising patterns and logically examine problems. These individuals tend to believe conceptually regarding numbers, human relationships and patterns. Characteristics of Logical-Mathematical Cleverness are: 5. Excellent problem-solving skills

2. Enjoys contemplating abstract concepts

* Likes conducting scientific experiments

* Good at fixing complex computations

The conclusion of the test would not come as the truth to me. As I am the Finance & HR Director with a great accounting qualification this evaluation confirms my personal knowledge and learning design as being reasonable thinking with ability to evaluate and fix problems. Throughout my job and training aspects In my opinion that I find out and develop in a organized and deductive way. I execute mathematical calculations, detecting irregularities and patterns, creating resolutions to issues that have been identified, plus producing a technique to achieve effective working devices within my personal role.

Following the completion of the MI test personally I then requested a member of my staff (Jane Doe) to finish the same learning styles customer survey to see what type of style they were. On completing the customer survey she have scored equally in 3 areas; Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical and Intrapersonal, (see Appendix 2)

Those who are strong in linguistic intelligence are able to use words well, both when writing and speaking. These individuals are typically very good at writing stories, ability to learn dialects, memorizing info and studying. They tend to learn best by reading, taking notes, listening to lectures, and by discussing and debating about what they have learned. You will of Linguistic Intelligence will be as follows: 5. Good at keeping in mind written and spoken details

* Looks forward to reading and writing

5. Good at debating or supplying persuasive speeches

* In a position to explain items well

* Often uses humour the moment telling tales

Individuals who are solid in intrapersonal intelligence are good at being aware of their own emotional states, emotions and motivations. They tend to savor self-reflection and analysis, which include day-dreaming, checking out relationships with others and assessing all their personal strong points. The characteristics of Intrapersonal Cleverness are: 2. Good at analysing their pros and cons

* Loves analysing theories and tips

* Superb self-awareness

* Clearly is aware of the basis because of their own motivations and thoughts

1 . 2 Use a simple technique to identify individual development demands and the expansion needs of another member of the team

To identify any expansion needs that could enhance my current abilities and talents I decided to complete a development needs analyses in the form of a SWOT analysis (Strengths; Weak points; Opportunities; Threats). Strengths: * Very prepared and careful with exceptional prioritisation skills * Always willing to help others, friendly and approachable * Guarantees protocol is definitely followed by me personally and others at all times * Quick learner 5. Conscientious 2. Finance / Accounts 5. Excellent conversation skills with all levels of people| Weaknesses: * Expect other folks to be extremely tidy and meticulous like myself * Sometimes make an effort to take on excessive work, as I don't like to talk about no * Forget people have different learning speeds 5. Perfectionist 2. Health...


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