Lufthansa Strategy 2010 Composition

Lufthansa Entrepreneur Day 2010 Group Approach and Development

Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Chairman from the Executive Table & CEO Deutsche Kranich-airline (umgangssprachlich) AG The netherlands am Key / Summer 28, 2010

Our Eye-sight Where will be we going?


… want to grow profitably … desire to distinguish ourself from competitors in terms of top quality, service, detailed and technological competency and innovation … want to take care of a strong "balance sheet" … will be open pertaining to partnerships, if in alliances or by consolidation … want to provide products in all segments … will stay a great Aviation Organization and an Airline Group … wish to stay versatile, responsive and stable within a changing environment … have a leadership strategy that builds upon entrepreneurship and a modular setup two Lufthansa Group

Our method for success is sustainability: Based upon respecting stakeholders' interests… Ca. 340, 000 shareholders Funds value added Sustainable development


Synergies Rewarding growth

Los angeles. 80 meters customers l. a. Smooth travel Flexibility (network) Dominate responsibility

California. 117, 1000 Employees 149 nations


High quality products Competitive prices

Individual caring Mobility Г la carte


Good HR Team spirit


Job security/perspectives


Lufthansa Group

Our formula to be successful is sustainability: …and on creation of value and progress Strong capital structure Benefit creation Solid asset base

Profitable growth

Financial stability Rating

Investing in strategic possibilities

Modular Set up New solutions Innovation Group development The usage Stronghold European countries

Connecting European countries with the community



5 neighborhood European markets

Emerging financial systems

Learning enterprise

Management of networks


Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa A mobility company with give attention to passenger aircarrier business External revenue break up External revenue [in m EUR]

several, 475 5, 184


Passenger Air travel Group






Technik 10%





IT Companies




Wedding caterers


Q1 2009 Q1 2010

your five

Lufthansa Group

Growth viewpoints – Raising relevance of Asia, when Europe and North America fairly lose importance in 2028 Growth of passenger air visitors 2008 to 2028 inside regions (in RPK) RPK in bn 2008

The united states

( +2. 5% l. a. to at least one. 580 bn)

Europe ( +3. 4% p. a. to 1. 280 bn)

RPK in bn 2028


660 bn 980 bn

Middle East ( +6. 2% g. a. to 140 bn)

40 bn

( +6. 9% p. a. to 3. 080 bn)

Africa Latin America ( +6. 4% p. a. to 430 bn)

one hundred twenty bn ( +6. 4% p. a. to one hundred twenty bn) 35 bn 810 bn

Souce: Boeing Market place Outlook 2009


Kranich-konzern (umgangssprachlich) Group

Expansion perspectives – The North Atlantic traffic remains the intercontinental marketplace with the greatest volume, despite emerging market segments Growth of traveling air traffic 2008 to 2028 between Europe plus the world (in RPK) RPK in bn 2008

United states ( +4. 6% p. a. to 1. 060 bn)

RPK in bn 2028

430 bn


one hundred and eighty bn 135 bn

Asia/Pacific ( +5. 5% l. a. to 900 bn)

Latin America ( +4. 3% p. a. to 410 bn)

180 bn

Middle East ( +5. 5% p. a. to 330 bn)

310 bn

Africa ( +5. 4% p. a. to fish hunter 360 bn)

Souce: Boeing Market Outlook 2009


Lufthansa Group

Organization environment Strong market economic recovery temporarily cut off by the lung burning ash plume in April… Intercontinental passenger and air shipping volumes semi-annually adjusted

13 13 doze

FTK, billions

260 RPK 240

RPK, billions

220 200 FTK 180 one hundred sixty 2005


Ash impact

11 15 9






Source: IATA

Lufthansa Group

Business environment - …but pre-recession levels almost regained by May with a distinct positive trend… International voyager and atmosphere freight volumes seasonally tweaked

14 13 12 11

FTK, enormous amounts

260 240

RPK, enormous amounts

May rebound RPK

220 200 FTK 180 one hundred sixty 2005


10 being unfaithful 2006 3 years ago 2008 2009 2010

Supply: IATA...


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