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Your life Story of Chairul Tanjung

Advantages and Disadvantages Become Entrepreneur and Employee

Identity: Lia Driving while intoxicated Fellyanti

School: E

Lecturer: Miss At the. Vita Mutiarawati

Tjio Auf welche art Tay

Tjio Wie Tay or later better known as Masagung is the president of the Great Mountain Shop�.  (Born in Batavia�,  8 September 1927  - died in Jakarta�,  24 September 1990 at the age of 63 years) is the fourth of five children of Tjio Koan A great Poppi and Tjoa Nio.  His daddy was any engineer graduate of The netherlands, while his grandfather a famous speculator in the Fresh Market area,  Bogor�.

Tjio Wie Tay became an orphan if he was several years old, after that their family's economic your life became really hard.  Wie Tay grow being a bad boy whom likes to combat.  He also had a habit of " steal" textbooks older bros to be sold in the market Mon to generate pocket funds.  Because of this mischief, this individual could not complete school, nevertheless it was sent up to Bogor and had entered at two different colleges.

But accurately because of mischief, Wie Tay grow as a brave young man.  He is usually not frightened to get acquainted with anyone, such as the Japanese army when it did start to go to Bantam�.  Even japan army, this individual got a bike.  Courage capital is then he brought into the corporate world, and no question, be one of the flagship weapon in the wheels business. After being expelled from Bogor uncle together to return to Jakarta at the age of 13, Wie Tay found that the mother's economy has not improved too.  There was no different way for him but to find the money themselves.  Initially, this individual returned to the customs old brother stole textbooks for sale in order to get 50 pennies.  After a textbook share runs away, he tried to be a " rubber guy in the stage show" gymnastics and aerobatics, although his income had not been how much.

Wie Tay after that swerved in to cigarette itinerant traders.  This is in which nature dare look back again.  He was desperate to fulfill Lie Tay San�, a major cigarettes merchant capital it. With 50 cents when he started out a business providing cigarettes about the area Monday and Glodok. Here started to vigilantly saving, since they think how hard earn income.  The outcomes of her savings after which buy a table as selling factors in Glodok area.  Because it has not really had its very own stall, the table was left with a parts retail outlet in Glodok, until finally he was capable to open a kiosk upon Monday.

Being non itinerant traders attention opening Wie Tay teens that there are places other than the party of massive tobacco Sit Tay San, namely each morning Market.  Then, after beginning the not work he started to get cigarettes each day Market.  Subsequently, Wie Tay was also acquainted with the Kie Hoat, who worked on tobacco businesses Perola, among the best-selling cigarette brands at that time.  The Kie Hoat after that familiar with Auf welche art Lie Tay Tay and San.  One day, The Kie Hoat offered to discover a relationship promoting.

Kie Hoat then discuss with two friends previously.  When Lie Tay San still uncertain, Wie Tay is still incredibly young in the commercial instead quickly agreed.  He sure can quickly be distributed and provide huge income.  It was true, although unfortunately the Kie Hoat Perola eventually fired from your company because it violates the rules, selling smoking cigarettes to an exterior party who may be not a supplier.

The three close friends are after that merged and established the joint venture in 1945 called Tay San Kongsie.  This is where the beginning of your serious have difficulties Wie Tay in the business world.  They are still selling cigarettes, but reaches up to agents ale cap Canary Bird.  At the same time additionally, they got significant business book.  The assistance of a comparable, they can promote books inside the Netherlands happen to be imported by outside.  The books can be purchased they ended up being a hard sell off.  They sell on the discipline Kramat Bunder, not far from the property Lie Tay San. There after they opened up the store 3x3 square metres, and then broadened into a 6x9 square metres.  Because the earnings from book sales are very large, then they decided to stop...


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