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Many people are familiar with commercials, sales, and marketing resulting from living in our highly competitive and capitalistic society. Coming from being inundated with many methods from billboards, to clothing, TELEVISION commercials, and product location, we have a great innate perception of effective persuasion approaches. For this speech, you are going to give a persuasive presentation somewhere among impromptu and extemporaneous. Choose a household item to bring to class or possibly a made up advent or service.

Using Monroe's Motivated Series you will be selling the item for any purpose that is not it's unique intent. For example , if you reel in a broom, you could sell it being a mode of transportation. Covering up each step of Monroe's Enthusiastic Sequence with one phrase will be enough to receive credit for the assignment, so long as you speak to the time limit of 5 minutes.


• You could sell a made up service or product, or provide one household item to class to sell • You must sell the product for a purpose other than its original intention • The speech will need to cover the five steps of Monroe's Motivated Sequence • You can turn in a plan showing how one can15484 follow each one of the five actions of Monroe's Motivated Sequence

• In reference to time, you will speak only five minutes • Be imaginative!

Criteria for Evaluation:

This assignment is known as a fun physical exercise in Monroe's Motivated Sequence and powerful persuasion. Each student will probably be given " five dollars” with which to get a product. Each product is really worth one buck. At the end from the presentations, you can expect to write the labels of the vendors you feel are definitely the most effective on your own dollars. Later the ability and possibility of arising to five dollars. You cannot buy your own product, you must spend your entire money, and you can only purchase a product once.

Outline: _____ points

Demonstration: _____ items

Total: _____...


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