the problem in the lung area: A case research on CAP 3 Dissertation




A Related Learning Experience Study

Offered to Ms. Josefina H. Balote, REGISTERED NURSE, MN


In Incomplete Fulfilment of the Requirements in BSN several

Related Learning Experience (RLE)


Nikka Vanessa Maghuyop

Hosanna Gabrielle Abella

Monna Llee Dimaranan

Jefte David Salubre

Karyl Saavedra

Summer 2014


We have used efforts in this project. However , it would not have been likely without the kind support that help of many individuals. We would like to increase our honest thanks to every one of them. Despite each of the hardships found on creating this case display, we are pleased that we could actually make that through. Were highly delinquent to our clinical instructor Ms. Josefina H. Balote, RN, MN for her guidance and constant supervision as well as for her support in doing our case. We would also like to express our gratitude towards our parents and the staff of Bishop Joseph Regan Memorial Hospital for their kind co-operation and encouragement which usually helped us in completion of this case.

Our thanks a lot and appreciations also head to our acquaintances in producing the case and people who have voluntarily helped us out with the abilities. Yet above all you want to give the greatest appreciation to our Changeless Father intended for guiding and protecting us always in our trip of making this situatio study.

Chapter 1


Background with the Study

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung area most commonly caused by a bacteria or virus.

Community-acquired Pneumonia occurs both in the community establishing or within the first 24 hours after hospitalization or institutionalization. The need for hospitalization for COVER depends on the seriousness of the pneumonia. The instrumental agents intended for CAP that needs hospitalization are definitely the most frequently S. pneumoniae, They would. infuenzae, Legionella, Pseudomonas aeuruginosa and other adverse rods.

Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is an contagious disease generally seen in the main care environment. CAP is usually ranked since the sixth leading source of death in the United States. It influences more than twelve million individuals per year and accounts for five-hundred, 000-1, 1000, 000 medical center admissions. Precise diagnosis of COVER continues to be sophisticated. Despite tremendous advances in serologic evaluation and antimicrobial development, for least 50 percent of instrumental pathogens are generally not identified. This article presents a case report of the white female in her seventies diagnosed with CAP and emphasizes the need for early diagnosis, immunization, and prompt affluence to reduce morbidity and fatality rates. The case brings to mild the dilemma practitioners can face the moment treating high-risk populations by using an outpatient basis. Meister M. (2013). ncbi. nlm. nih. gov. Gathered from June 29, 2014. (

" In the past 15-16 years, pneumonia is among the best causes of loss of life for the elderly, ” confirms Dr . Robert Louie So , senior supervisor of Philhealth. He cites additional stats: " In 2010, there were 330, 000 Philhealth claims corresponding to about P2. 2 billion dollars cost of hospitalization; 117, 500 were intended for Filipinos 18 or older and 70, 000 of such were for senior citizens. ” And thus, Philhealth's latest plan targeting preventing pneumonia in the elderly can be significant. This program is called " 60+ na ako by oks ang bakuna ko laban social fear pulmonya. ” Partnering with pharmaceutical innovator MSD, Philhealth lifetime people (those outdated 60 and above who may have made in least a hundred and twenty PhilHealth premium payments) should be able to avail themselves of the pneumonia vaccine at a discounted expense of P600 — a significant decrease from the typical P1, five-hundred to P2, 500 every shot. You will find 122 vaccine access points in licensed DOH hostipal wards and centers of brilliance throughout the nation, but the software was...

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