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Application of alternatives of a right triangle in partial fullfilment the requirements in plane trigonometry.

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BSIS 1-A Grp # 4

1 . Villanueva, Ruth D.

2 . Lupiba, Gretchen

3. Para Asis, Ramilyn

4. Balais, Mark Gil

5. Tenorio, Emil

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Mr. Tira

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January 29, 2011

7. The angle height from an area 25 toes from the base of a woods on level ground for the top of the woods is 30° find the HEIGHT of the forest?

Color Ɵ a/b

Let a= be the height of the woods, so

That bronze Ɵ =a/b therefore we certainly have

Tan 30° a/25 feet

a=25 feet (tan 30°)

a=25 ft (0. 5774)

a=14. 43 ft

The height of the forest is approximately 14. 43 feet.

8. A tree casts a shadow that is twenty feet long. The viewpoint of level from the end of the darkness to the the top of tree can be 66° determine the HEIGHT with the tree.

Color Ɵ a/b

Let a= be the height of the woods. So

That bronze Ɵ =a/b therefore we now have

tan 66° a/20 ft

a=20 foot (tan 66°)

a=20 foot (2. 2460)

a=44. 92 ft

The peak of the forest is approximately 44. 92 ft.

14. A man standing 230 ft. constitute the foot of a church spire finds which the angle of elevation with the top is usually 63. 75°. if his eye can be 5 ft 10 in . above the surface what is the height of the spire?

Tan Ɵ a/b

Allow a= end up being the height from the spire

5ft. 12 inches= a few. 83ft.

Tan Ɵ =a/b for that reason we have

Bronze 63. 75° a/230 foot

a=5. 83 ft + 230ft. (tan 63. 75°)

a=5. 83 ft + 230 feet. (2. 0278)

a=5. 83 ft & 466. 39 ft.

a=472. 23ft.

the peak of the spire is approximately 472. 23 foot.

2 . Ron and Francine are building a ramp pertaining to performing pleasure stunts. The ramp is usually 7 feet long and 3 ft high. Precisely what is the PERSPECTIVE OF HEIGHT that the bring makes the surface?

Sin Ɵ= a/c

Let Ɵ = end up being the position of the elevation. so

Trouble Ɵ =a/c therefore , we certainly have

Sin Ɵ =3 foot. / several ft

Desprovisto Ɵ sama dengan 0. 4286

Ɵ = 25. 38°

the angle of elevation that the ramp makes together with the ground is around 25. 38°

2 . From your top of your tower, the angle of depression of your person can be 56°. In the event the distance through the person to base from the tower is definitely 180 yards, how high is the tower?

Cot Ɵ= b/a

Let a sama dengan be the height of the tower. So ,

Cot Ɵ =b/a therefore , we have

Cot 56°= 180/a

1 . 4826 a= one hundred and eighty m/a

1 ) 4826 a= 180 meters

1 . 4826 a /1. 4826 = 180 m/ 1 . 4826

A=121. 41 meters

The height in the tower is approximately 121. forty one meters.

2 . from the leading of a lighthouse, 120 m. above the sea, the position of major depression of a motorboat is 15”, how far is a boat from the lighthouse?

Tan Ɵ a/b

Allow b= end up being the distance between the boat through the lighthouse. Therefore , tan Ɵ =a/b for that reason we have

Tan 15°= 120/b

2-√3= 120/b

2-√3b= 120m

2√3b/2-√3= 120m/2-√3

B= 120m. / 2-√3

B= 447. eighty five m.

the boat in about 447. 85 m. far from the lighthouse.

4. A man from the roof structure of a building 20 meters. high locates that the perspective of despression symptoms of an auto on the road can be 75°10'. How FAR is the auto from the foundation of the building?

Cot Ɵ= b/a

let n = become the distance between the automobile through the base of the building. Therefore , Cot Ɵ =b/a consequently , we have

Cot 75°10'= b/20m.

B= 20m (cot 75°10')

B=20m (3. 7760)

B= seventy five. 52 m

The automobile is around 75. 52m. Far from the camp of the building.

6. in the top of the cliff which will rises vertically 168. five ft. above a lake bank, the angle of depression in the opposite traditional bank is 53°10'20”. How EXTENSIVE is the riv?

Cot Ɵ= b/a

Permit b sama dengan the large of the riv. So ,

Crib Ɵ =b/a therefore , we now have

Cot 53°10'20”= b/168. five ft.

B= 168. 5 ft (cot 53°10'20”)

B=168. five ft (1. 3354)

B= 225. 01 ft

The river is approximately 225. 01 ft vast.


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