Whole Foods Market, 2006: Will There Be Enough Organic Foodstuff to Satisfy the Growing Require? Essay

Case eleven

Whole Foods Market, 2005: Will there be enough organic foodstuff to satisfy the growing demand?


Whole food market may be the world's leading retailer of natural and organic meals industry. A good believer in the virtuous ring entwining foodstuff chain, person and mother earth, they execute their organization true and consistent for their business objective and vision by generating the highest quality of products for its consumers and large profits because of its investors. As being a philanthropist and supporter of animal legal rights, Whole food market has established solid reputation with customers and suppliers. There are rivals on the market and new entrants are noticed penetrating the industry. At the time of the case (2005), Whole food market is encountering scarce solutions in the organic and natural produces and prime locations for their next business growth.


you What are the very best strategies to handle the developing demand for organic food? a couple of How can Whole Foods Marketplace expand their business further more?

3 Will Whole Foods Market endure into the 10 to 15 years?


General Environment


Communities are more health-conscious and better educated in several parts of the earth. The major market for Whole Foods Marketplace is United States, Canada and British isles. Europe is known as a potential market growth.


A growing percentage of women operating have resulted in an increase in singlehood and ready-to-eat meal. Since more people becomes health-conscious, demand for organic food boosts as well.


Ageing baby boomer expands the senior population which often would boost consumption spending. In The european countries, population can be increasing and significant suppliers of organic and natural foods with build in acceptance numerous people presently there.


Europe is the following breakthrough market to capitalize with developing number of customers and suppliers of organic products.

Industry evaluation


The natural and organic food retail industry is a fast paced consumer merchandise industry which usually requires players to possibly be a value leader and providing extra conveniences to customers for their pleasant experiences. However , players should never sacrifice quality pertaining to quantity as more consumers are health conscious and monetarily capable to move retailers with no hesitation.

Negotiating powers of suppliers

The limited farmlands of organic foods in United States may well not meet with the increasing demand in the future which might lead to price war. Yet , natural meals supplies create no risk. A modest threat.

Bargaining powers of buyers

Customers have a strong buying electric power as they are the primary buyers from this industry. With increasing aging baby boomers, singlehood and health-conscious adults, needs for better quality of organic and natural foods are likely to increase. A high threat.

Competition amongst existing competitors

Rivalry in the industry can be intense while firms continuously try to enhance their presence and products. A high danger.

Threat of substitute item

The only replacement for natural foodstuff is organic produce. There is also an increasing demand for ready-to-eat meals more than prepared dishes. A low menace.

Is this an attractive industry?

While using increasing inhabitants of getting older baby boomers, singlehood and health conscious adults, an increasing demand for organic foods and ready-to-eat dishes will increase over time. While the competition is intense amongst firms coupled with excessive bargaining powers of potential buyers, the market is deeming as desirable.

Competitor evaluation

• Trader Joe's adopts price leadership approach without sacrificing their product quality. It has 215 stores located primarily in the west and east coast of the United States. They offer upscale grocery do and uses low cost constructions. The second biggest retailer on the market. • Crazy Oats Market has 100 stores found in 24 claims and Canada. Relying on personnel to learn the industry, Outrageous Oats is usually committed to improve...


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